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Historical Museum of Serbia

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Over several decades, the Historical Museum of Serbia has grown into a respected and recognizable public institution of national interest with important cultural, historical and educational role. It is a complex museum with the task of preserving and enabling communication between the public and the national heritage, established in 1963.

More than 35.000 objects in its fund provide the deeper insight of the past not only of Serbia and the Serbian people, but also of the other peoples and cultures that have lived and still live in the territory of Serbia from the Middle Ages to the present. Every year the Museum organizes several well attended exhibitions. During its half-century long history, the Museum has organized representative exhibitions which were displayed not only in Belgrade and other cities in the country, but also throughout Europe,  Australia and USA.

Since 1966, the Residence of Prince Miloš in Topčider, a recognizable example of Balkan architecture, and for a long time the Museum’s only display space, has been the part of the Museum.

In the year of celebration of its 50th anniversary, the Historical Museum of Serbia opened a part of its refurbished space with the representative exhibition The Karadjordjević and Obrenović dynasties in the Collections of the Historical Museum of Serbia, dedicated to the two ruling dynasties in Serbia which contributed to the liberation from the centuries-long Ottoman rule and the creation of the modern Serbian state.