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National Museum Požarevac

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It was founded in 1895 and except Belgrade National museum it is the oldest in Serbia.

The Museum has: Archaeology department with a collection of stone monuments and extraordinary ancient Roman culture monuments, Cultural history museum, Ethnic park on Tulba hill, Dobrnjac Petar’s fund house, Markovic Miodrag’s legacy. Markovic Miodrag’s legacy painting collection consists of more than 20 authors’ paintings.

There are several world unique items in the museum: a pen CALAMUS which was used for everyday writing on Roman wax boards, a unique numismatics collection, Viminacium coat of arms made of marble – horseshoe shaped, a standing woman figure is presented – Viminacium personification – with a bull on its right side (Claudie’s VII legion’s symbol) and a lion on the left side (Flavie’s IV legion’s symbol), Roman and Venice gold coins, Alexander of Macedonia’s gold coin, sarcophaguses, sculptures, Pozarevac peace medals. A Roman sarcophagus from III century is very valuable, decorated with relieves, as well as a Roman legionnaire’s tombstone.

Ethnic park or an outdoors museum – Tulba is one of a very few ethnic parks in Serbia. It is placed on a so called area above Pozarevac. In the park, there is a garden plot, a well with a winch, a log (Melnica village), a house (Makce village) from 1880’s. The ethnic park needs a complete reconstruction in order to provide cultural and historical, sport and recreation and amusement functions.

An amphitheater for different kinds of plays performance, several handcraft workshops in order to preserve old handcrafts this region used to be famous for – pottery, the opanak makers, leather craft, copper smiths…and other interesting things are included in the reconstruction project.