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Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin

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Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin is institution in the field of culture whose establisher is the City of Zrenjanin and is financed from the budget.

Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin (established in 1962) collects, preserves, systematically explores and exhibits artworks of Yugoslav and Serbian postwar arts, created mostly in Art Colony Ecka (established in 1956). Policy of collecting and creating of the collection that contains more than two thousand five hundred master pieces from ex-Yugoslavia and abroad, enabled not only follow up of the work of the Colony in Ecka, but overview of the contemporary art of Yugoslavia (Serbia as well) since 1946 until present. Until establishing of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Colony in Ecka was the only place in Serbia where representational production of Yugoslav art could be seen in one spot.

Fund of the Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin creates collection of paintings and aquarelles, collection of sculptures, objects and installations, graphic arts collection (prints and drawings), collection of new media art (photographs, video art, etc.) and collection of foreign art (pieces performed in various techniques in various media of foreign artists who were working in the Art Colony Ecka). Importance of the Contemporary Gallery’s fund requires serious scientific and historical exploration, museological elaboration, digitalization and presentation through thematic exhibitions and permanent presentation.

Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin performs through various contents: organization of the workshops for domestic and foreign artists in Art Colony Ecka, organizing exhibitions of domestic and foreign contemporary art, organizing international manifestation Biennale of the Aquarelles.

All exhibitions in the Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin are followed by professional publications such as catalogues. Exhibitions are followed by other activities: concerts, promotions of the professional literature and professional lectures.

Basic filed of activities of the Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin are stressing out thematically and professionally exhibitions that communicates the essence of the collection of the Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin, potentiate scientific activities and transferring the knowledge by didactical exhibitions, expansion of the exhibitions related to the current tendencies in contemporary art, as well as exploration of the new working methods in the field of visual culture, history and art theory and museological and curator practice.

For its work on active follow up and documentation of the contemporary art production on the territory of the former Yugoslavia and Serbia, as well as for the museological work on the fund of the Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin, its presentation through various thematical and didactical exhibitions Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin have been awarded several times with important awards and recognitions on regional and local level (Recognition of the Federal Assembly in 1963, Award of the Association of the Fine Art and Design Artists of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, in 1979, Vuk Karadzic’s award in 1977. and in 1999, etc.)